We are going to be using AWS CDK to create and deploy the infrastructure our Serverless app is going to need. We are using Serverless Framework for our APIs. And to use CDK with it, we’ll be using the Serverless Stack Toolkit (SST). It’s an extension of CDK that allows us to deploy it alongside our Serverless Framework service.

Let’s get started.

Create a new SST app

In the root of your Serverless app run the following.

$ npx create-serverless-stack resources infrastructure

This will create your SST app in the infrastructure/ directory inside your Serverless project.

Now let’s go in there and do a quick build.

$ cd infrastructure
$ npx sst build

You should see something like this.

Successfully compiled 1 stack to build/cdk.out:


There are template files created for us to use. We’ll be overwriting them in the next chapter.

Update your config

Let’s also quickly change the config a bit. It has your app name, the default stage and region we are deploying to.

Replace your infrastructure/sst.json with.

  "name": "notes-infra",
  "type": "@serverless-stack/resources",
  "stage": "dev",
  "region": "us-east-1"

Now we are ready to configure our infrastructure. We’ll look at DynamoDB first.