We want to host our React app on our own domain (and later our API as well). To do this, we’ll start by purchasing a domain through AWS. We’ll be using Amazon Route 53 for this.

If you are following this guide but are not ready to purchase a new domain, you can skip this chapter.

On the other hand, if you have an existing domain that is not on AWS, follow these docs to move it over to Amazon Route 53.

Let’s get started. In your AWS Console head over to the Route 53 section in the list of services.

Select Route 53 service screenshot

Type in your domain in the Register domain section and click Check.

Search available domain screenshot

After checking its availability, click Add to cart.

Add domain to cart screenshot

And hit Continue at the bottom of the page.

Continue to contact details screenshot

Fill in your contact details and hit Continue once again.

Continue to confirm details screenshot

Finally, review your details and confirm the purchase by hitting Complete Purchase.

Confirm domain purchase screenshot

Next, let’s use our new domain for the our site on Netlify.