As we continue to update Serverless Stack, we want to make sure that we give you a clear idea of all the changes that are being made. This is to ensure that you won’t have to go through the entire tutorial again to get caught up on the updates. We also want to leave the older versions up in case you need a reference. This is also useful for readers who are working through the tutorial while it gets updated.

Below are the updates we’ve made to Serverless Stack, each with:

  • Each update has a link to an archived version of the tutorial
  • Updates to the tutorial compared to the last version
  • Updates to the API and Client repos

While the hosted version of the tutorial and the code snippets are accurate, the sample project repo that is linked at the bottom of each chapter is unfortunately not. We do however maintain the past versions of the completed sample project repo. So you should be able to use those to figure things out. All this info is also available on the releases page of our GitHub repo.

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v6.0: Upgrading Bootstrap and reorganizing chapters (Current)

Nov 11, 2020: Upgrading to Bootstrap 4 and React Bootstrap 1.4. Also, a major reorganizing of the chapters.

v5.0.2: Fixing encoding issue in eBook

Oct 23, 2020: Generating new eBook version to fix encoding issues.

v5.0.1: Updating to new eBook format

Oct 21, 2020: Generating new eBook using Pandoc.

v5.0: Using CDK to configure infrastructure resources

Oct 7, 2020: Moving from CloudFormation to AWS CDK to configure infrastructure resources. And using Serverless Stack Toolkit (SST) to deploy CDK alongside Serverless Framework.

v4.1: Adding new monitoring and debugging section

Apr 8, 2020: Adding a new section on monitoring and debugging full-stack Serverless apps. Updating React Router. Using React Context to manage app state.

v4.0: New edition of Serverless Stack

Oct 8, 2019: Adding a new section for Serverless best practices. Updating to React Hooks. Reorganizing chapters. Updating backend to Node 10.

v3.4: Updating to serverless-bundle and on-demand DynamoDB

Jul 18, 2019: Updating to serverless-bundle plugin and On-Demand Capacity for DynamoDB.

v3.3.3: Handling API Gateway CORS errors

Jan 27, 2019: Adding CORS headers to API Gateway 4xx and 5xx errors.

v3.3.2: Refactoring async Lambda functions

Nov 1, 2018: Refactoring async Lambda functions to return instead of using the callback.

v3.3.1: Updated to Create React App v2

Oct 5, 2018: Updated the frontend React app to use Create React App v2.

v3.3: Added new chapters

Oct 5, 2018: Added new chapters on Facebook login with AWS Amplify and mapping Identity Id with User Pool Id. Also, added a new series of chapters on forgot password, change email and password.

v3.2: Added section on Serverless architecture

Aug 18, 2018: Adding a new section on organizing Serverless applications. Outlining how to use CloudFormation cross-stack references to link multiple Serverless services.

v3.1: Update to use UsernameAttributes

May 24, 2018: CloudFormation now supports UsernameAttributes. This means that we don’t need the email as alias work around.

v3.0: Adding Part II

May 10, 2018: Adding a new part to the guide to help create a production ready version of the note taking app. Discussion on the update.

v2.2: Updating to user Node.js starter and v8.10

Apr 11, 2018: Updating the backend to use Node.js starter and Lambda Node v8.10. Discussion on the update.

v2.1: Updating to Webpack 4

Mar 21, 2018: Updating the backend to use Webpack 4 and serverless-webpack 5.

v2.0: AWS Amplify update

Updating frontend to use AWS Amplify. Verifying SSL certificate now uses DNS validation. Discussion on the update.

v1.2.5: Using specific Bootstrap CSS version

Feb 5, 2018: Using specific Bootstrap CSS version since latest now points to Bootstrap v4. But React-Bootstrap uses v3.

v1.2.4: Updating to React 16

Dec 31, 2017: Updated to React 16 and fixed sigv4Client.js IE11 issue.

v1.2.3: Updating to babel-preset-env

Dec 30, 2017: Updated serverless backend to use babel-preset-env plugin and added a note to the Deploy to S3 chapter on reducing React app bundle size.

v1.2.2: Adding new chapters

Dec 1, 2017: Added the following Extra Credit chapters.

  1. Customize the Serverless IAM Policy
  2. Environments in Create React App

v1.2.1: Adding new chapters

Oct 7, 2017: Added the following Extra Credit chapters.

  1. API Gateway and Lambda Logs
  2. Debugging Serverless API Issues
  3. Serverless environment variables
  4. Stages in Serverless Framework
  5. Configure multiple AWS profiles

v1.2: Upgrade to Serverless Webpack v3

Sep 16, 2017: Upgrading serverless backend to using serverless-webpack plugin v3. The new version of the plugin changes some of the commands used to test the serverless backend. Discussion on the update.

v1.1: Improved Session Handling

Aug 30, 2017: Fixing some issues with session handling in the React app. A few minor updates bundled together. Discussion on the update.

v1.0: IAM as authorizer

July 19, 2017: Switching to using IAM as an authorizer instead of the authenticating directly with User Pool. This was a major update to the tutorial. Discussion on the update.

v0.9: Cognito User Pool as authorizer